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The most beautiful beaches in the Landes

With its more than 100 km of wild coastline that hardly bears any trace of human intervention, the Landes coast is the largest sandy beach in Europe. Focus on the 10 most beautiful beaches of the 40 where swimming, idleness and aquatic activities await you for your camping holidays in the Landes.

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Remember Beach, Mimizan

Its evocative name announces the color to you: you won’t risk forgetting it. Located north of Mimizan-Plage, Remember beach seduces with its tranquility and its dunes which give it a desert look. Apart from a few swimmers who come to seek calm (almost absolute) as you do, you will come across surfers and some naturists, because naturism is tolerated on this beach.

Central beach, Hossegor

Welcome to one of the trendiest seaside resorts on the Silver Coast, famous for its rollers that make it a surfing paradise. The central beach is the busiest beach in Hossegor. It is lined with bars and restaurants and is supervised in summer.

Contis Beach, Saint-Julien-en-Born

Don’t worry, you won’t risk walking for long minutes to find the perfect spot to plant your parasol without being disturbed by other vacationers. 5 km long, the beach of Contis is an immense stretch of fine sand perfect for a total change of scenery on the Landes coast. Swimming in the southern part of the beach is prohibited due to the currents, the baïnes, which can be very strong there. The street leading to the main car park is lined with bars, restaurants and shops. Like most of the Landes beaches, it is served by several cycle paths.

Port d’Albret Beach, Soustons

Here, along with Navarrosse beach in Biscarrosse, is one of the most unusual Landes beaches in our top 10. The reason? It does not face the Atlantic Ocean. Port d’Albret beach or Sauvagine beach in Soustons opens onto a marine lake. The lack of current makes it a popular spot for families, as children can swim there and swim their swimming lengths in complete safety. In summer, it has a first aid station and a nautical center, and restaurants nearby. How about a pedal boat ride, a first sailing or windsurfing trip with the family?

Navarrosse beach, Biscarrosse

If you are looking for a family beach for a safe swim in the Landes, Navarrosse beach is, like that of Port d’Albret in Soustons, a safe bet. This beautiful sandy beach has been built on the shores of Lake Biscarrosse, in a peaceful and unspoiled environment. The calm, the green setting and the ripples on the waters of the lake have a special charm. Add to these hiking trails, sailing, windsurfing and kayaking rentals nearby, and you will quickly find that Navarrosse beach has nothing to envy to ocean beaches.

Estacade Beach, Capbreton

The southernmost beach in our selection is also the favorite of most swimmers and surfers in Capbreton. It is located right next to the port and a stone’s throw from the casino. Its name derives from the nearly 200 m long wooden pier, the boom, which juts out into the ocean. The souvenir photo on the pier is a must, especially at dusk. A romantic moment not to be missed if you are staying on a campsite in the south of France as a couple.

Pointe Beach, Capbreton

Charming wild beach in the heart of the Landes known among other things for its surf and naturism spots. If surfers are often in the water, take your precautions before swimming there since the beach is not supervised and the baïnes currents are relatively strong.

Letter Blanche beach, Vielle-Saint-Girons

The town of Vielle-Saint-Girons is one of the high places for naturism in the Landes. It is home to one of the largest naturist centers by the sea in France, Arnaoutchot. It is therefore quite possible that you will meet a few bathers in Adam’s clothes on the Plage de la Lettre Blanche, a detail to take into account if you are camping with young children. If you like immense wild beaches whose end you cannot see, good pick: whether you look to the left or to the right, the sand ends up merging with the azure sky on the horizon.

Vivier beach, Biscarrosse

Vivier beach is located north of Biscarrosse-Plage. Quieter and wilder than the other beaches of the resort, it is accessible by a small path that crosses the pine forest (15 minutes walk from the free parking).

Chênes Lièges beach, Moliets

The Chênes Lièges beach in Moliets-et-Maa is quieter but more difficult to access than the central beach. From the parking lot, allow about 20 minutes to walk to feel the fine sand under your feet. If your legs feel good, after swimming you can take a stroll around the Courant d’Huchet nature reserve.

Bourdaines beach, Seignosse

Surfing is the king sport on the whole Landes coast but in Seignosse, everything has been designed for the enjoyment of practitioners. You will find surf schools, bars and restaurants on the edge of the Bourdaines beach. The beach is supervised in summer and quite busy, but it knows how to keep its wild aspect, especially thanks to its small dunes.

Casernes beach, Seignosse

Without a doubt, the wildest beach in Seignosse and one of the wildest in the Landes. Surrounded by dunes and forest, you can enjoy the sun and water sports a little away from the summer hustle and bustle. Like the Bourdaines, the beach is supervised during the summer and you will find various surf schools, shops and restaurants.


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