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The Torreilles market

Market days in Torreilles

From the end of June to the beginning of September, each year Torreilles hosts a country producers’ market which allows visitors to the region to eat local easily. On the village side, the country market takes place every Friday morning, on Place Louis Blasi in the heart of the village. The meeting is also given on the beach side on Mondays. The atmosphere is festive and friendly. The stalls of farm produce are next to the stands of artisans. Free wooden games are available for children. The rest of the year, Torreilles hosts a traditional market twice a week in the heart of the village, on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Local products to discover on the stalls

Local producers and their handcrafted products are found on the Torreilles terroir market: olive oils and wines from the Pagnon estate located in Torreilles itself, but also fruits and vegetables from market gardeners in Rivesaltes such as honey from beekeepers in Perpignan. Strolling between the stalls according to the scents and local colors is the opportunity to taste the specialties of the Pyrénées-Orientales: muscat, gingerbread, Catalan nougat, local beers, cold cuts, pastissets, olivades, fig jams and artisanal cookies . Local producers take pleasure in having their products tasted by gourmets and gourmets passing through. On the side of the craft industry, are to discover the creations of potters of Argelès, the Toiles du Soleil espadrilles, or the masterpieces of master craftsmen in ironwork. Many products from the olive, such as soaps and cosmetics, also appear on market stalls in Torreilles.

Do not miss the markets during your visit to Torreilles, an essential activity during your camping stay in Torreilles!


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