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Discovery of Lac de Parentis

Surrounded by pine trees and white sand, Lake Biscarrosse-Parentis, in the Landes, is one of the most important bodies of water in southwestern France. It is surrounded by four bays: Biscarrosse, Parentis, Gastes and Sainte-Eulalie en Born. Abundant with fish swimming in 3,540 hectares of water, this is a Natura 2000 site, which helps to preserve biodiversity. Fishing enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts or nature lovers, take the time to discover it during your camping stay in Parentis en Born.

The fishing

Outdoor activity, freshwater fishing allows you to relax by finding yourself, in peace, surrounded by nature. It ranges from sport fishing consisting of catching and releasing fish alive, to a real moment of family sharing. Learn the basics of fishing to your children or grandchildren: lure, fly, cast, shot, live fishing techniques… Fishing is allowed from the shore and night carp fishing is allowed .

A true eldorado for fishermen, the lake abounds in carnivorous fish such as perch, pike and pikeperch, as well as cyprinids such as carp (common but also mirror) of medium size, the record being a mirror carp of more than 20 kilos . Each year, a predator fishing competition is organized at the port of Gastes.

Nautical activities

Water sports enthusiasts could not ask for better, Lake Parentis ideally suited to their practice. Discover the joys of the pedal boat or rent the boat that suits you to exercise your favorite sport: catamaran, paddle, canoeing, windsurfing, dinghy. Explore the lake by waterbike, along your ride with swimming stops. Water skiing, wakesurfing, buoys, a range of water sports are also worth trying.

The less athletic will be won over by a cruise on the water. The walks on the lake are thematic, marked by various stopovers, culture and adventure breaks and the discovery of Landes products to taste on board. For another exploration of the original lake, you can opt for a boat trip guided by a boatman: ideal for observing flora and fauna full of secrets.

Hiking around Lake Parentis

The lake is a natural site which invites to the walk. Discover it by hiking around it. Starting from the Chemin des Milouins for a walk in the shade of the Landes forest, opt for example for an easy 17 km circuit for about 4 hours of a walk in the countryside.

Walk on the fine sand track lined with ferns and fragrant heather. Take advantage of your hike to visit the Seaplane Museum, retracing the history of seaplanes through beautiful, fun exhibits. Resuming your walk, cross the channel on a pretty wooden bridge. Continuing along the lake, you will reach the marina. Admire the colorful hulls of moored boats as you imagine yourself on board.

Take a well-deserved picnic break under the shade of a tree. Why not end your day with a swim, heading to Parentis-en-Born beach?


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