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Frequently Asked Questions

Brochure request

I’d like to have a brochure, how do I get hold of one?

You can ask one of our advisors to send you a brochure by calling the campsite of your choice. You can also view the brochure online and download it.

My booking

Who can make a booking?

The person making the booking must be at least 18 years old, be legally able to enter a contract according to our general conditions of rental, and must guarantee the truth and accuracy of the information given. It is mandatory for minors to be accompanied by their legal guardian.

How can I take advantage of the special offer 7 = 6 *?

To take advantage of the 7=5 or 7=6 special offer (pay 5 nights and stay 6 or 7 nights at no extra charge), you can make your booking online on our secure site, where the special offer will automatically be calculated into the booking price, subject to availability at your chosen campsite on the dates requested, at accommodation that qualifies for the special offer. You can also book directly with our advisors, who’ll apply the special offer to your booking. The special offers and discounts are non-retroactive and cannot be combined.
*2 nights offered free of charge for a stay of minimum 1 week in rental accommodation.


What payment methods do you accept?

For bookings on our secure website, we accept payment by Visa credit card or Mastercard or, by written request on the booking contract, by cheque made payable to the chosen campsite, credit card, bank transfer, as well as by ANCV holiday vouchers.

How do I pay by credit card, cheque or bank transfer?

If you have chosen to pay by credit card, the sum of your payment will be automatically withdrawn upon receipt of your booking contract. If you’ve chosen to pay by cheque, please send the cheque by post to the address of your chosen campsite.
You’ll need to include the booking contract, which you’ll find in your brochure or by downloading it from the “Documents” page of this website.

Can I pay by instalments?

You may pay first the deposit (25% of the total amount) and then spread out the payment of your stay until the deadline for settling the balance (30 days before the beginning of the stay).

How do I pay by holiday voucher (National Holiday Vouchers Agency, or “ANCV” in French)?

If you’ve chosen to pay part or all of your booking by holiday voucher, please send your vouchers, indicating your file number, by registered post with proof of receipt to your chosen campsite.

What’s the deadline for settling the total amount of the booking?

It is imperative that we receive the balance of your stay at the latest 30 days before the beginning of the stay.

What’s included in the price?

Our prices include:
• The provision of fully-equipped accommodation according to the description given on the websites and brochures.
• One car parking space per accommodation (unless otherwise stated).
• Water, gas and electricity.
• Reception service and state of premises check at the end of the stay.
• The campsite facilities, apart from the paying facilities.
• Cleaning service if you’ve purchased it.

Our prices do not include:
• Cancellation insurance
• Processing fees at a flat rate of €20
• Cleaning service, unless you’ve purchased it
• Paying activities organised by the campsite (to be paid onsite)
• Taxes (tourist taxes vary according to campsite)
• Potential supplement for an animal, depending on campsite
• The deposit
• Optional facilities and equipment

The campsite may ask for a visitor fee from anyone visiting by the day. It may be that the Campsite does not accept visitors, or that the visitor fee does not give the visitor access to all the facilities on the Campsite.

Cancellation insurance

What does the Cancellation/Interruption insurance cover?

This insurance covers you against cancellation or interruption of your stay. You can view the cancellation insurance here (PDF file)

Cancelling my booking

1- Unused services

No refunds will be issued in the event of late arrival or early departure.

2- Cancellation by the customer (excluding cover by a specific insurance policy)

If the cancellation is made 45 days or more prior to the planned arrival date, the deposit and the booking fees shall be retained by the campsite. If the cancellation is made less than 45 days prior to arrival date, the whole of the booking payment shall be retained.

3- Cancellation by the campsite

In case of cancellation due to factors that come under the campsite’s responsibility, with the exception of cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances leading to cancellation for the participants’ safety, the client shall obtain a full refund of the payments effected. This cancellation shall nevertheless not give rise to payment of damages and interest.

Travel document

I haven’t received my booking confirmation, what should I do?

Check the emails in your junk mail if you’ve asked to receive the documents by email. If you still can’t find the confirmation, you can ask for the documents to be sent again by sending an email to the chosen campsite.

Tourist taxes

Why do I have to pay tourist taxes?

Tourist tax is collected on behalf of the communes (villages) and can be increased by an additional tax from the “départements” (regions). These taxes vary greatly according to communes, as each commune decides how much to charge, whom to charge (adults) and periods when the charges apply. The amount of tax to be paid per day and per person over the age of 18 is included in the total price of the stay when it is part of the package.

Arrival times

What are the times for arrival and departure?

Arrival and departure times vary according to each campsite. They’re indicated on your booking confirmation and voucher. They are, however, subject to change and we advise Clients to inform themselves by contacting the chosen campsite directly by email or phone.

What should I do if I can’t arrive at the indicated times?

In the event you are unable to arrive at the indicated times, you must contact the campsite representative (using the phone number written on the voucher) by 6 p.m., so as to arrange your arrival up till 10pm on the same day, if the representative agrees, or on the following morning. Exceptions like these can be made at the Company’s campsites and at the “Découvert” (Discovery) campsites. No arrivals shall be admitted outside these opening hours. No refund, whole or partial, shall be issued by the campsite in the event of arrival outside the authorised times, arrival after the date stated on the booking, or early departure.
In the event that you do not show up the day after your planned arrival date without having previously informed the Company representative, you run the risk of having your booking cancelled.
The Company is authorised to put the accommodation on sale again after 48h, and you do not have the right to oppose the decision.

Sheets, blankets

Do the beds have blankets and cushions?

Yes, cushions and blankets are provided at all our rental accommodation.

Are bed sheets and towels provided?

Towels and bed linen are not provided. However, you can rent linen on arrival.

The mobile home and its pitch

Can I choose a particular pitch?

Depending on availability, it is possible to choose a particular pitch. Our advisors are on hand to help and will do their best to satisfy your request.

Can I put a tent up on the pitch or next to the mobile home?

For safety and insurance reasons, putting a tent up on the pitch is not allowed.
However, if the campsite has tent pitches, you can rent one and put a tent up there.

Leisure and activities

Do I have to pay for the Kids Club?

No, the Kids Club is free of charge at all our campsites.

Are board shorts allowed at your swimming pools?

Swimming pool access is reserved to people wearing swimming trunks (speedo-style), swimming shorts, swimming costumes and bikinis. No other outfit is permitted.

Accommodation capacity

How many people may stay in the accommodation?

For safety and insurance reasons, it is prohibited to exceed the stated maximum number of occupants for each accommodation.
The campsite manager shall deny access to any person above the stated capacity, even if a supplement is offered for that person. Upon booking, it is imperative to give all the names, last names and dates of birth of all the occupants (including babies).

Is a baby considered to be a person?

A baby is indeed considered to be a whole separate person.


How many vehicles are allowed per booking? Where can I park?

Only one vehicle is allowed per pitch.
You have the option to park a second vehicle at the campsite parking lot (for an extra fee, depending on the campsites and availability of spaces).


Are animals allowed?

We allow dogs (except category 1 and 2, “dangerous” dogs): it is up to you to check if your dog’s allowed in before booking. Dogs must be kept on leads at the campsite. It is not permitted to leave a dog alone in the accommodation.
Only one dog is allowed per accommodation, all other animals are forbidden. Authorised animals must have identification chips or tattoos. The Client must bring the dog’s up-to-date vaccination record.


Can I set up a barbecue on the pitch?

The campsites have communal barbecue areas specifically designated for this purpose. Coal barbecues are prohibited.

What’s included in the mobile home

Is there WiFi at your campsites?

There is WiFi coverage everywhere on all of our campsites, it’s a paying service that can be purchased directly at the campsites. There are free WiFi hotspots at some of our campsites.

Does my rental accommodation have a TV?

Some of our campsites provide a TV at the rental accommodation; you will find this information on the website or by asking one of our advisors.

Does the rental accommodation have air conditioning?

Some of our campsites have air conditioning at the rental accommodation; you will find this information on the website or by asking one of our advisors.

What does the end-of-stay cleaning service comprise of?

This service comprises of the cleaning of the mobile home at the end of your stay, apart from the kitchen area that you must leave clean and tidy (dishes and fridge included). Bins must be emptied and the mobile home left tidy.


Why am I being asked to pay a deposit?

Upon arrival, we’ll ask you for 2 security deposits (by cheque or in cash). One is to the amount of €300 (three hundred euros) for the accommodation and its equipment, and one is to the amount of €60 (sixty euros) for the state of cleanliness of the accommodation. These 2 deposits shall be returned separately, following the state of premises check and inventory check.
Other deposits for the loan of equipment from the Campsire (eg. loan of ping-pong rackets) may be required.

I wish to make a claim

How do I make a claim?

Any claim relating to your stay must be sent by mail or email within 15 days of the end of the stay, to the address of the campsite you stayed at.