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Cycling holidays in the south of France

Enjoy a pleasant feeling of freedom when discovering your bike holiday destination! The Grand Sud campsites invite you to browse privileged environments.

The Landes by bike

Between the Vélodyssée along the coast and the greenways inland, the Landes is an ideal area for cycling. From our campsites in the Landes, there are 300 kilometers of tracks dedicated to cycling and 1700 km of cycling routes on the road that are to discover! To enjoy a half-day of cycling, you can for example take the Vélodyssée of Parentis-en-Born to Mimizan-Plage: the circuit of a little more than 30 km connects the ponds of Biscarosse and Aureilhan before to reach the coast. The Vélodyssée can also borrow from Capbreton to Bayonne, for 4 hours of cycling between the Landes and the Basque Country. The section of the Vélodyssée linking Vieux-Boucau to Capbreton offers a pleasant stroll on the coast of nearly 20 km. He goes through Seignosse and Hossegor. Enjoy these green lanes reserved for bikes! Our campsites Landes offer bike rental on site to allow you to travel light. Ideal to consider a nice family excursion! A dozen marked mountain bike trails of different lengths are also waiting for you in the forest.

Gironde by bike

The campsite les Embruns in the Arcachon basin is located in Lège-Cap Ferret, an area crossed by more than 50 km of bike paths. The bike ride is even an essential activity of the destination: it allows to cross freely preserved environments and varied landscapes. To go to the market with family or for the pleasure of going on an excursion, the bike will be the ally of your holidays in Gironde. The Lège circuit at Le Grand Crohot is ideal to easily reach the beach while enjoying a pleasant bike ride: from a distance of 25 km, the route is covered in 2 hours through the streets of the village then the cycle paths. Two tours can also be made from Belisaire: one to reach the tip of Cap Ferret through the village, the lighthouse and the oyster area, the other to cross the peninsula from east to west to reach the ocean beach of the Horizon. Finally, do not miss the unmissable circuit of 13 km Piraillan – The Grass – The Green Tuc, which allows you to discover different facets of the peninsula between forest tracks, village lanes, oyster huts and sandy beaches.

Hérault by bike

The Hérault valley offers many and varied cycling routes: from the cycle tour to the mountain bike outing, from the most family-friendly course to the most difficult terrain, there is something for everyone. Do not miss a few must-sees during your stay at Lac du Salagou! For a family ride on mountain bikes, choose for example the very rolling circuit of the banks of the lake, a distance of 8 km: the start is at the parking lot of the lake, close to the campsite. The route then follows the south bank to the parking Plos before starting the way back. Near the Lac du Salagou campsite also, a 12 km bike loop a little more technical allows you to discover the Germane plateau, its dry stone huts and flocks of ewes. Three beautiful cycling tours are also available to you, respectively 25, 30 and 43 km. The shortest, departing from Nébian, brings you to the discovery of Villeneuvette and the circus of Mourèze. The second, a little longer of a few kilometers and a duration of 2:30, leaves Lieuran-Cabrières to make you browse the vineyards and their capitelles. The unavoidable tour of Lake Salagou offers you to travel 43 km in 3h30 from Clermont-L’Hérault.

Pyrénées-Orientales by bike

Crossed by the Vélittorale and the green route of Agly, Torreilles is an ideal destination for cycling between the most beautiful sites of the Catalan coast as well as for revitalizing excursions with the family. And bike rental is one of the 5 star services of Marisol! Over 13 km, the Vélittorale route connects Torreilles to the beaches of Canet-en-Roussillon to the south, and Port Barcarès to the north. Once in Barcarès, you can take the greenway of Agly to reach Rivesaltes: the track of 14 km, very pleasant, along the banks of the stream. Many quiet roads near Torreilles also allow you to discover the surroundings by bike. Among the most pleasant circuits are loops of 35 to 40 km which lead to the discovery of the villages of the lands: Saint-Laurent-Salanques, Rivesaltes, Claira and its church Saint-pierre-de-Vilar. ATV enthusiasts will finally find something to satisfy their passion: the massive Albères, in particular, is covered with tracks and fun circuits in the form of a loop.

Bikes : 8 campsites found

camping Herault
Camping Lac du Salagou

Clermont L'Herault, Hérault

From 01/04/2019 to 29/09/2019

emplacement camping Clermont L'Herault

226 Pitches

location mobil home Clermont L'Herault

91 Rentals

camping caravaning Clermont L'Herault

9,7 ha

location mobil-home Camping Lac du Salagou Hérault

40 € / night

location emplacement Camping Lac du Salagou Hérault

18 € / night

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camping Landes Seignosse
Camping Sunêlia Les Oyats

Seignosse, Landes

From 26/04/2019 to 29/09/2019

emplacement camping Seignosse

83 Pitches

location mobil home Seignosse

236 Rentals

camping caravaning Seignosse

15 ha

location mobil-home Camping Sunêlia Les Oyats Landes

45 € / night

location emplacement Camping Sunêlia Les Oyats Landes

20 € / night

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camping Cap Ferret
Camping Les Embruns

Lège-Cap-Ferret, Gironde

From 29/03/2019 to 29/09/2019

location mobil home Lège-Cap-Ferret

248 Rentals

camping caravaning Lège-Cap-Ferret

20 ha

location mobil-home Camping Les Embruns Gironde

45 € / night

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camping Landes Mimizan
Camping Mimizan Lac

Mimizan, Landes

From 24/05/2019 to 08/09/2019

emplacement camping Mimizan

419 Pitches

location mobil home Mimizan

40 Rentals

camping caravaning Mimizan

7 ha

location mobil-home Camping Mimizan Lac Landes

35 € / night

location emplacement Camping Mimizan Lac Landes

16 € / night

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camping Toreilles
Camping club Le Marisol

Torreilles, Pyrénées-Orientales

From 06/04/2019 to 13/09/2019

emplacement camping Torreilles

90 Pitches

location mobil home Torreilles

191 Rentals

camping caravaning Torreilles

10 ha

location mobil-home Camping club Le Marisol Pyrénées-Orientales

50 € / night

location emplacement Camping club Le Marisol Pyrénées-Orientales

25 € / night

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camping Seignosse Landes
Camping La Pointe

Capbreton, Landes

From 15/04/2019 to 29/09/2019

emplacement camping Capbreton

40 Pitches

location mobil home Capbreton

107 Rentals

camping caravaning Capbreton

8 ha

location mobil-home Camping La Pointe Landes

45 € / night

location emplacement Camping La Pointe Landes

18 € / night

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camping plage Mimizan Landes
Camping Mimizan Plage

Mimizan, Landes

From 05/04/2019 to 29/09/2019

emplacement camping Mimizan

264 Pitches

location mobil home Mimizan

115 Rentals

camping caravaning Mimizan

17 ha

location mobil-home Camping Mimizan Plage Landes

40 € / night

location emplacement Camping Mimizan Plage Landes

24 € / night

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camping dans les Landes
Camping Le Pipiou

Parentis-en-Born, Landes

From 12/04/2019 to 29/09/2019

emplacement camping Parentis-en-Born

141 Pitches

location mobil home Parentis-en-Born

46 Rentals

camping caravaning Parentis-en-Born

9 ha

location mobil-home Camping Le Pipiou Landes

45 € / night

location emplacement Camping Le Pipiou Landes

17 € / night

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