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Fishing campsite in the south of France

Always located by the sea or lake, the Grand Sud campsites are ideal holiday destinations for fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing / Surf Fishing : 5 campsites found

camping Cap Ferret
Camping Sunêlia Les Embruns

Lège-Cap-Ferret, Gironde

03/04/2020 27/09/2020

location mobil home Lège-Cap-Ferret

250 Rentals

camping caravaning Lège-Cap-Ferret

20 ha

location mobil-home Camping Sunêlia Les Embruns Gironde

45 € / night

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camping Landes Seignosse
Camping Sunêlia Les Oyats

Seignosse, Landes

30/04/2020 27/09/2020

emplacement camping Seignosse

83 Pitches

location mobil home Seignosse

422 Rentals

camping caravaning Seignosse

15 ha

location mobil-home Camping Sunêlia Les Oyats Landes

45 € / night

location emplacement Camping Sunêlia Les Oyats Landes

20 € / night

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camping Landes Mimizan
Camping Mimizan Lac

Mimizan, Landes

15/05/2020 06/09/2020

emplacement camping Mimizan

419 Pitches

location mobil home Mimizan

40 Rentals

camping caravaning Mimizan

9 ha

location mobil-home Camping Mimizan Lac Landes

35 € / night

location emplacement Camping Mimizan Lac Landes

17 € / night

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camping Seignosse Landes
Camping La Pointe

Capbreton, Landes

06/04/2020 27/09/2020

emplacement camping Capbreton

40 Pitches

location mobil home Capbreton

107 Rentals

camping caravaning Capbreton

8 ha

location mobil-home Camping La Pointe Landes

45 € / night

location emplacement Camping La Pointe Landes

18 € / night

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camping plage Mimizan Landes
Camping Mimizan Plage

Mimizan, Landes

04/04/2020 27/09/2020

emplacement camping Mimizan

264 Pitches

location mobil home Mimizan

115 Rentals

camping caravaning Mimizan

17 ha

location mobil-home Camping Mimizan Plage Landes

40 € / night

location emplacement Camping Mimizan Plage Landes

24 € / night

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Fishing trip in the Arcachon basin

Fishermen’s paradise, the Arcachon basin is popular for fishing at low tide as well as for fishing at high tide. Located at the edge of the water, camping Embruns in Lège-Cap Ferret will allow you to try several techniques. Fishing on foot is an ideal activity to practice as a family: on the pool, you can bring hulls and clams buried in the muddy sand and take out with the shrimp gray shrimp holes water. At high tide, angling can be done from piers and piers to catch mules and eels. Local guides can take you aboard their boat to fish the sea bass or sea bream from the oyster beds. The fresh waters of the currents flowing into the Arcachon basin are also popular for traditional angling or throwing: white and carnivorous teasing. On the ocean side, a few minutes from the campsite Embruns, the practice of surf-casting spreads on the beaches. Big game fishing is also an activity to practice not far from the campsite Embruns, with departures from Cap-Ferret and Arcachon.

Fishing trip in the Landes

Between rivers, lakes and ocean, the Landes is a dream territory for fishermen. All fishing practices can be represented. Our lakeside or oceanfront campsites are popular destinations for a fishing trip. Respectively located on Lake Biscarrosse-Parentis and Aureilhan pond, the campsites Pipiou and Mimizan Lac offer you a privileged setting with direct access to the most famous spots in the Landes for predator fishing and carp. At La Pointe, the Oyats and the Beach, you will be able to enjoy the ocean and the infinite possibilities it offers for fishing. Respectively located in Capbreton, Seignosse and Mimizan, the three campsites allow you to have daily access to low tides for fishing on foot, but also to try surf casting from the beach in the evening, or embark on an unprecedented big game fishing experience. 5 km from the Oyats campsite in Seignosse, the white pond is a lake that has become legendary for pike fishing. Coastal coastal currents, like that of Mimizan a few steps from the campsite La Plage, allow to fish marine species as freshwater species from the dike.

Mediterranean fishing trip

The Pyrénées-Orientales are full of fishing spots with varied characteristics. Camping Marisol, located by the sea and minutes from the pond of Leucate, is an ideal destination to practice different techniques and tease marine species as freshwater varieties. The pond of Salses-Leucate is conducive to fishing from the shores as on boat. There is fishing for wolves, mullets, sea bream, eels. From the sandy beaches overlooking the ocean, the technique of surf-casting can bring back wolves and turbots. A few steps from the campsite Marisol, the Agly is also a famous fishing spot: its mouth, like that of Tet, is conducive to good catch. Fishing competitions are regularly organized along the Bourdigou, 800 meters south of the 5-star campsite Le Marisol. Local guides propose finally to accompany you to fish in Torreilles-beach bars, sea breams, squid, soles, skipjack, congres or eels of sea. Learn surf-casting or embark for some unforgettable hours in sea ​​for a fishing session by boat!

Fishing trip to Lake Salagou

With its preserved biodiversity and varied depth, the Salagou reservoir is a great fishing destination. Its 700 hectares offer many fishing spots and nautical bases offer boat rentals for fishing on boats. The 4-star campsite of Lake Salagou, ideally located on the beach next to the outdoor base, is a favorite holiday destination for fishing enthusiasts: every day or punctually to learn, practice the Fishing on the lake will be a hobby at your fingertips. If the use of thermal motor boats is prohibited, boats, sailboats and electric motor boats may be used to search the depth of the lake. The Salagou is famous for its carp stations, but also for its carnivores. While many species are represented in the lake, catch records are mostly for pike, carp and pikeperch. During your stay, you can also fish for bleak, black bass, tench, roach, bream, perch, eels and crayfish. The nautical base of Clermont-L’Hérault, facing the campsite, is one of the most famous spots for fishing on board.

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