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Surf schools in Lège Cap Ferret

ESCF surf school at Cap Ferret

On the Garonne beach, the Cap Ferret surf school offers friendly and innovative instruction for young and old alike, from beginner to advanced level, with follow-up and video coaching for development. Very committed to protecting the environment, the ESCF surf club makes its trainees aware of the fragility of nature and the need for its conservation. The surf lessons are two hours long. They can be taken à la carte, at a price of 35 euros per discovery session, or in formulas to take advantage of full courses: 160 euros for 5 days or 290 euros for 10 days. The club organizes surf camps in the Basque Country and Portugal, as well as two-day stays at the stage of the Quiksilver Pro France world championships.

Surf Center

On the supervised L’Horizon beach, Surf Center is the first school in Cap Ferret, open since 1984. It has been offering surf and bodyboard lessons for all ages for over 3 decades. Its service card includes shrimp courses for 4-8 year olds, group lessons for groups of up to 8 people, and tailor-made individual lessons that allow you to progress quickly. Surf Center offers Sunset sessions from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., as well as surf trips to the best spots on the peninsula: a surfing experience roaming aboard the club vehicle.

SCP Surf Club de la Presqu’ile

Since 1996, the Presqu’île surf club has developed a progressive pedagogy including a deep learning of the marine environment and its specificities. The club is located in a preserved natural environment. It offers seasonal activities such as courses and year-round competition licenses. To initiate or improve your skills during your holidays, the school has developed several formulas: two-hour discovery courses at 35 euros, 5-day mini-surfer courses for 130 euros, 3-day courses at 90 euros , 4-day courses at 120 euros, and 5-day courses for adults at 140 euros. FFS diplomas and passports are given at the end of the internship.

ESGC Grand Crohot surf school

Labeled by the French Surf Federation, the ESCG is located on the beach in Lège-Cap-Ferret. The site has a dining area where you can relax after a session or during the children’s lesson. The lessons last 1.5 hours, or 2 hours if you count the time taken to equip. State-certified instructors supervise group lessons and courses of 2 to 5 days, 10-day courses, courses for children and private lessons. The price list ranges from 30 euros for the 1 hour session to 130 euros for the 5-day course for children. For an adult, count from 35 euros for the 1.5 hour session to 270 euros for 10 sessions. Solo lessons are offered at 50 euros.


Surf school located on the north beach of Grand Crohot, L’Andade welcomes its students and trainees in a fun and family atmosphere. The club offers lessons, courses and discovery sessions in spots known for their tranquility, away from crowds and in a privileged natural environment. A shuttle system is in place to allow vacationers from all over the peninsula to participate in the sessions without constraint. Group lessons are offered with discovery sessions of 1.5 hours for 35 euros and 5-day courses for 150 euros. Private lessons, for 1 to 3 people, are provided between 80 and 140 euros per session. The Andade also offers a rental service for snowboarding equipment: surfboards, bodyboards and wetsuits.

For more information on surf schools near Cap Ferret, go to the reception of your campsite at Cap Ferret.


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